Train them Up

If you are into property management or surveying, then chances are you have well trained conveyancing clerks and chartered surveyors who have trained for years to be the best at their job. You will be happy to pay them top whack as they are good, and rightly so.

There is an area though that many people neglect and that is customer service. The first impression a new or existing customer has with your company is the receptionist and first impressions are often bad, it has to be said. I have called property companies or lawyers to discuss matters only to be greeted with a receptionist who barely can string two sentences together and frankly it leaves a bad impression.

It is a mistake to focus solely on your high earners when it comes to training and all companies should invest in some sort of call centre customer service training to ensure that existing staff are knowledgeable and have a friendly but professional phone manner.

When recruiting new back office staff, that are going to have to interact with the public, it also pays to devote more attention to the selection process as many bosses do not get involved with this, thinking that this is not a very important part of the business.

However, it is actually a very important part as impressions count so deeply.